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Dress for Portrait Success


Keep clothing simple. Try to choose solid colors for your portraits. Avoid large, bold patterns such as plaids and stripes. Remember, bright colors also draw attention away from your face.


Avoid short sleeves and tank tops. Long sleeves will draw attention away from your arms and helps bring the focus back to your face.


Our photographer may suggest a full-length pose. Make sure you coordinate portrait clothing from head to toe.


Darker clothing slims. Choose shades of black, brown, blue, dark green and other jewel-toned colors. Light tones tend to emphasize body size.


Scoops or v-necks flatter shorter necks and full faces. Turtlenecks or high-necked garments flatter longer necks and slender faces.


Denim works very well, especially jeans with black and white portraits and goes with almost everything colour wise-suitable for the light or dark background looks in our Classic white and Contemporary Black styles.


Our new outdoor style is of course weather influenced, so winter clothes for winter scenes and summer for.. well you get the idea. As irish weather is notoriously changeable, a fleece is always a good idea for between shots and travelling to and from location. On washout days the default fallback option is the studio and all of above come into play.

If you have booked an outdoor session, wear appropriate dress for the time of year but adhere as much as possible to the other clothing tips outlined.


Keep clothing consistent. Dress everyone in the same style. Don't mix casual and formal clothing in portraits.


Coordinate Colors


Wear light on white. Light pastel or white clothing looks best against a light-colored or white portrait background.


Wear dark on dark. Dark clothing looks best against darker backgrounds and creates a more formal mood in portraits.


Don't mix light and dark colors in portraits. Show your style in small accents. Save stronger colors and patterns for accessories like scarves and neckties.


General Hints and tips


Please dont over excite your children about the session, in our experience playing it down works best.

Try to arrange a booking for the time of day you know your child(ren) will be at their best form-say after their nap or lunch. Do bring a prop or small toy if you wish and pets are always welcome in our studio.


Above all prepare to have fun and to enjoy yourself!


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